If you’ve ever been part of a bridal party before, I’m sure you will have heard, shared and debated a variety of do’s and don’ts aimed at the bride. Even more likely, you will have uttered the words ‘something old, something new …’! But when it comes to hair and make-up prep for the big day, what should you really be focusing on? Take a peek at my list of do’s and don’ts and benefit from over a decade of professional insight.

I do, I do, I do (you should …)

  • Hire a professional hair and make-up artist (yes I know ‘I would’ say that, but it’s sincere advice, I promise). Make sure you have a good old natter about what you would like to achieve and don’t be afraid to go over ideas again and again until you’re totally satisfied. Remember: any hair and make-up artist worth your money will insist on a trial.

  • Make sure your skin is in tip top condition by having a facial or two in the weeks leading up to the wedding. Find a recommended beauty therapist who is able to discuss and implement a treatment plan that is appropriate for you.

  • Keep on top of those unruly locks and invest in a high quality shampoo and conditioner. Have regular trims to keep your hair in perfect condition and get any necessary colour work done at least a few days before the big day (green hair might not be the best way to complement your gorgeous gown).

  • Nail those nails! Your hands will be on display all day, with everyone sporting the sudden urge to pick up your hand and make appreciative noises at your wedding ring. Give them something to really admire and have a manicure. Perhaps do this the day before your nuptials and limit the risk of chipping or scuffing the pretty, polished finish.

I can’t, I shan’t and I won’t! (so don’t …)

  • Leave everything to the last minute! The best hair and make-up artists get booked up months in advance. book early to avoid disappointment.

  • Apply your own fake tan the night before. Tut, tut, tut – you know it might go streaky or that you could end up looking like you’ve been tangoed – so why take the risk? hire a professional to do it for you (including a trial). The last thing you want is fake tan rubbing onto your dress!

  • Get in a state. Your hair and make-up artist will be there to support you and alleviate the stress, so be clear what you need and hand over those worries – frown lines don’t make for good wedding photos.

  • Rush, rush, rush. allocate some time in the morning to enjoy yourself and factor in when you plan to bathe, have breakfast, get dressed, pose for some pics and keep your social media following fully apprised of your progress!

Most important of all – DO enjoy yourself! It will be the best day of your life.

Liz x

Bonus advice from the old wives: Don’t freak out if you spy a spider in your dress. It’s good luck (apparently).

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