If you’re reading up on make-up options for your wedding, then I’m fairly sure you want to achieve the ‘bridal you’. These two words can be summed up quite simply as: you wanting to look like yourself … but the bridal version. It’s a common misconception that brides should wear lots of make-up (to last the day and show up in the wedding photos), and this can sometimes lead to over-made styles, with make-up looking somewhat worse for wear by the end of the night. I firmly believe that you’ll be happiest if you look and feel like ‘you’ (not a pantomime dame), and after months of planning and preparations, you’ll want to be stood at the top of the aisle for the groom to recognise who you are (and to be blown away by how radiant and happy you look). To give you an idea of how I can help you achieve that sexy and confident (yet natural) look, here’s a summary of the key elements in a classic style:

Your skin (the canvass)

You should still be able to see your skin through any base layers and foundation, with some carefully colour-matched concealer to cover blemishes and dark circles. The desired effect is natural, glowing skin so that you look radiant; to accomplish this, primer and a light dusting of powder are essential. The primer as a base layer will help maintain your foundation from dawn until dusk, with the powder applied to the t-zone area to keep the shine away and finish the canvass.

Structure (delicately defined)

We’re not all blessed with knockout bone structure, but don’t despair, there’s an easy fix. The right colour blush, strategically applied, uplifts your face and works really well with a subtle bronzer to achieve a soft contour effect. When balanced correctly, the contrast in colours can draw attention to the features you like the most.

Eyes (time to focus)

Getting the eye make-up right is incredibly important and you shouldn’t take it for granted that a dab of eyeshadow and mascara will work wonders on their own. The night before your wedding will undoubtedly be short on sleep (excitement does that to a girl!), so hydration and a good eye mask are your best bet for revitalising the eye area and making you look (and feel) wide awake. I’ve tried and tested numerous products, but the Elemis Pro-Collagen Hydra-Gel eye mask is by far my favourite; it works miracles and will ‘de-puff’ tired eyes in an instant.

Soft, yet smouldering eye make-up is the core feature of this style; it’s not a typical ‘everyday’ look and, when applied skilfully, it won’t look overdone either. When using this style on my brides, I create the smoky effect with a combination of warm and soft tones ranging from chocolate, coffee cream and champagne to a touch of pink or gold. After this, I follow up with eye liner, which adds remarkable definition. I like to apply a thin line, in either black or dark brown, to accentuate the eye shape.

Luscious lashes finish the eyes and definitely give them the ‘wow’ factor. I really rate Eylure Lashes and frequently use individual lash extensions in a light, feathery effect to complete the mesmerising look. What’s great is that they stay put, come rain or shine (and tears)!

With months to plan the logistics of the wedding, don’t forget to keep on top of lip care. Dry, chapped and peeling lips can be a real nuisance and are less than ideal as a base for your lip gloss, so try using a gentle exfoliating lip balm in the weeks leading up to your wedding to make sure that they look soft and kissable. Lots of brides (summer brides in particular) love the ‘nude lip’ look, which is really pretty with a hint of pink, brown or red, depending on your skin tone.

Hey presto! There you have a stunning (yet natural) look with just the right balance of make-up, that will photograph beautifully, last beyond the final dance, and make your new husband and guests smile from ear to ear.

Liz x

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