Isolation Wedding Planning

As I now have a bit of spare time on my hands due to all my weddings currently being on hold (incredibly sad about this! ), I thought this would be an interesting read for all brides to be who have sadly had to postpone and re arrange their wedding dates, and furthermore are having to find new suppliers.

Planning a wedding at the best of times can have its ups & downs…planning while there is a world wide pandemic is nothing any of us could have ever imagined!

Your dream wedding day has no doubt been in the works for most likely a year or more.

You have found your Hair & Makeup Artist, had your trial & formed a happy working relationship with them. The emails planning your bridal prep have been sent discussing things from eyeliner to what time you pop the champagne! And sadly … that artist is not available on your new wedding date!

First thing I would say please do not panic I am here to help!

If you need to find a new artist my tips are :

Do your research

Find an artist who’s style you like – Is it a natural look you are after or a bit more glam?

Please do not panic book anyone who just happens to be available – Breathe…

Take a look at the recommended suppliers list from your wedding venue

Look at the artists website & social media

Pop them an e mail or pick up the phone – I can personally talk hair / make up all day!

Explain your situation, what style you are looking for possibly something you have seen in their portfolio you like the look of?

Your previous make up artist would probably have made notes from your trial ( I definitely have notes written up ). If you speak to your previous artist I’m sure they would be happy to share the product list they used


Arrange a trial as soon as it is safe to do so.

Take photos from your previous make up / hair trial with you so you can show & discus the look you wish to achieve or maybe try something else – maybe your hair will be longer now – so new style options could be available to you!?

Take your time & ask all questions you need

One very big piece of advice I would offer – please do not do any DIY hair cuts!! I know the online tutorials can make it look easy & appealing but I assure you It will not do your future wedding hair any favours!

Same with colouring – (unless you are already used to doing this )- the potential damage is not with the risk

The extra stress won’t be helping your skin so investing some time into a skin care routine this will definitely give you Wedding ready glowing skin!

From my point of view, these are the key things you should consider as a bride & are the main goals I personally wish to achieve as a makeup artist…

confidence – are you confident with me & know that I can deliver the look you want & planned for?

Will I turn up on time, keep you calm plus be willing to help out with anything you need – not only hair / makeup but answering the door or helping dry off the bouquets or help with lacing up the dresses?

Will I work to our agreed timing schedule & make sure everything runs smoothly? – This will massively reduced stress levels and allow maximum enjoyment on the morning!


Getting your hair & make up done professionally can really make you look & feel like a million dollars

You want to be stood at the top of the aisle feeling beautiful & ready for the best day of your life!

So, even if your planning has taken a change in direction, frustrating as it may be now, your dream

wedding will still happen, & I guarantee you it will be worth the wait!

Sending all my love to you all during this difficult time & Hope to see you soon,

Liz x