I’m currently sat in my garden answering e mails from my gorgeous brides to be. With the current situation of lockdown & postponements of weddings understandably we are all feeling a bit down & stressed I’ve had so many messages regarding this subject & I’m definitely feeling it too… STRESSED SKIN Spots Dryness / lack lustre Dehydrated Eczema ( if you are prone to it ) Sensitivity Does any of this sound like your current skin situation?? If so fear not, we are all in this together!! Now unfortunately we can’t pop out for a facial but I actually have something better for you….

I have been collaborating with Anna Baker, Award winning aesthetic nurse prescriber, trainer & qualified educator. Anna offers a variety of treatments from the London Welbeck Hospital Marylebone. Treatments include cosmetic injectable treatments, chemical peels & home treatment plans with appropriate skin care – great for those who suffer from Rosacea & Acne

Anna is committed to achieving good skin health & has a wealth of knowledge in this area So what can we do in the comfort of our own homes to get our skin back to its former glowing glory & prepare it for re our scheduled wedding dates? *Face masks – brilliant for hydrating if skin is feeling lack lustre , dry & sensitive. Also great for helping out congested skin… It’s important to pick a the right mask to fit your current skin concerns

One of my favourites is the Exuviance Intensive Eye Masque for gentle hydration and powerful hydration. *Regular gentle exfoliation- this is excellent at removing dead skin cells unclogs pores & reveals brighter healthy skin, but if we are not using the right ingredients in our daily regime, this can leave us with little or no results So, here’s a realistic, helpful guide that can be achieved without breaking into the Wedding fund. When looking for products to use at home the key ingredients you need to be looking for are. *Glycolic acid It’s the wonder ingredient that is one of the most effective at exfoliating the skin & removing dead cells from the surface to leave you with a more radiant complexion It also helps to fight signs of ageing & helps to bring about a more even skin tone My personal favourite product for this is Neostrata glycolic wash, which can also be used on the body as well Within a few days my skins texture changed! *Hyaluronic acid This is actually found naturally in our body. It’s main function is to retain water and to give the skin firmness and structure. Using this topically really boosts the skins moisture levels & helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles. It can also soothe redness & hyaluronic acid is actually what most skin fillers are made from. *Collagen This is a structural protein & connects various tissues in our bodies. As we age our bodies start to loose collagen & elasticity in our skin resulting in fine lines. The best way to help stimulate collagen production is actually though taking a supplement in addition to a healthy diet, Skinade is an award winning product and amazing for this. It’s a clinically proven daily drink that works from the inside out to rebuild & strengthening collagen, It boosts levels of hydration which among other benefits, leaves the skin healthier and brighter. It is

packed full of vitamins to help maintain a healthy immune system. *Antioxidants These can be taken as a supplement as well as being applied directly to the skin. They protect the skin from free radical damage which can damage healthy skin cells through common causes such as air pollution, UV radiation from sunlight exposure, smoking, alcohol and poor nutrition. Retinol is an amazing ingredient & good example of a hard working antioxidant that does so much for the skin by improving the tone, texture & reducing the appearance of pores. It also helps to renew cell turn over breathing new life into tried dull skin, with a firming & strengthening effect. *SPF While out on your daily run or sitting in your garden do not forget sun protection on your face. It’s damaging, causes premature ageing & pigmentation to the skin. My favourite sun protection for the face is Heliocare 360 oil free gel, It melts into the skin, no stickiness & sits perfectly under make up Another top tip… watch out for strap marks! Choose a top that has a similar neck line to your wedding dress to avoid tan lines Healthy well cared for skin will give you the perfect make up canvas…that is a fact! It will also maximise your confidence & make you feel wedding ready!! Follow these expert tips & your skin will be back to normal if not better then ever!! Hydrated, healthy & ready for your wedding date! With special thanks to Anna Baker

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