As a make-up artist with years of experience under my belt, I find that clients and brides are always asking me questions about beauty regimes, skin care routines and make-up products. Which is why I thought today, I’d be busting the beauty myths that I get asked the most! There’s a lot of beauty advice out there, but not all of it is accurate. In fact, in most cases news articles on beauty-related advice provide readers with conflicting information. So, let’s get started and start busting those beauty myths…

SPF will make me breakout! Wrong! SPF actually helps to reduce pigmentation and ensure that your skin stays smooth, clear and wrinkle-free in the long run. You can find many SPFs in foundations now, so there really are no excuses.

Wearing make-up every day is bad for my skin! While it’ll do your skin good to have a break every now and then, the problem lies when you don’t remove your make-up properly. If you’re going to bed with your make-up on, it’s time to stop! It’s also important to ensure that you regularly wash your brushes.

My shampoo has familiarised itself to my hair and no longer works! It’s great to vary the hair products you use once in a while, but it’s not actually necessary. If your hair is feeling dry or damaged after continued use of one specific shampoo, don’t blame the shampoo! Try out an intensively hydrating hair mask instead.

Filing my nails can be done in any direction! Eeek, not true! Always file your nails in the same direction, as this will allow your nails to grow faster, longer and stronger. Filing from both directions can lead to breakage, peeling and weaker nails.

My nails need time to breathe! Nails are made of keratin, therefore they do not require oxygen. So, if you don’t want to have a break from your monthly mani, you don’t need to!

Not washing my hair will mean it eventually washes itself! Ever heard this? Well it’s not the case! However, washing your hair too frequently can actually strip it of its natural oils, so we recommend opting for chemical-free shampoo and conditioner for happy hair!

Using hairspray sets my make up! This is the worst idea, ever! All it does is clog pores and make your face sticky. Invest in a decent primer if your make-up is struggling to stay on for the whole day.

Shaving will make my body hair grow back thicker! It may feel thicker, but actually your senses are deceiving you. The hair is just short and blunt from having the chop, so it feels dense.

Exfoliating dries out my skin! Not at all. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Exfoliating removes dead skin cells and reduces excess oils without disrupting the skins balance. Regular exfoliation will ensure your skin looks fresh and glowing!

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Images via Unsplash